The online tool requires information to be inputted by the user and will generate a temporary web page with the results that can be printed and/or saved locally by the user. The results web page, once closed will not be retrievable and will not be stored anywhere. The tool retains no data and all information must be completed in a single visit. SEGfL provide the tool for use as part of the data collection undertaken by a Data Controller and accept no liability for use of the tool or transmission of data.

The collection of personal data and the storage of the resulting formatted response is an activity controlled by the Data Protection Act and must be performed in accordance with the stated activity of the registered Data Controller (school). The authorised user performs the tasks of collecting personal data, entering or supervising the entry to the online form and receiving and storing or printing the formatted output in accordance with the Data Protection registration, policies and procedures of the Data Controller. The authorised user of the online tool accepts all responsibility for the collection, transmission and retention of data entered into and output by this tool.